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CSC 08 Bruce Wuollet: Bring People Together to Lead Impactful lives

June 16, 2020
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Bruce Wuollet is the founder, visionary and the current owner of Bakerson.  Growing up in the bakery business in the Twin Cities in Minnesota, Bruce wanted to pay homage to his now late father, hence the name “Bakerson”.  After trying his hands in a few different ventures in Minnesota, Chicago and Phoenix, he finally found his passion in real estate.  He has a proven track record of success throughout Bakerson’s nearly 18 years in business with thousands of individual units bought, repositioned and sold.  Bruce has overseen all aspects of the business including operations, acquisition project leadership, equity fund management, property specific syndications, legal, finance and more.  His focus is finding good deals while his passion is serving the residents by providing them with one of their basic human needs – shelter.  Prior to launching Bakerson in 2002, he served on the acquisition team at a Phoenix-based real estate investment company. 

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