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CSC 123 Corinn Altomare: Musician Turned Successful Real Estate Investor

February 8, 2021
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Corinn Altomare

Musician Turned Successful Real Estate Investor

Today Dr. Allen chats with Corinn Altomare, a classically trained musician turned real estate investor. She spent 13 years in music, 5 years in IT project management, and 8 years in multi-family real estate - where she developed the property management and syndication functions of her company, Hearthfire Holdings. As an individual investor, Corinn acquired a triplex in the Francisville neighborhood of Philadelphia.

Hearthfire Holdings made a strategic pivot into self-storage after 7 years in residential real estate. This decision was made largely upon the assessment of an overheated, overextended market high, and the recognition of an inevitable downward correction. Hearthfire Holdings maintains a portfolio of commercial and residential multifamily properties in the Philadelphia MSA, which with their self-storage facility represents a total portfolio valuing $9M.

In today’s chat, listen to Corinn’s journey from a musician to a successful real estate investor. She inspires us that there is always a way forward from any difficult situation.

3 Key Points from the episode:

1. One should always be ready to start a new beginning.

2. You should be open to learning new things.

3. You should be aware of your next step in life.

Connect with Corinn:

Hearthfire Holdings

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