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CSC 149 Dana Dunford: From Restaurant Worker to Successful Entrepreneurial CEO

April 7, 2021
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Dana Dunford

From Working at Restaurant to the CEO of a Successful Company

Today Dr. Allen chats with Dana Dunford, the CEO of Hemlane, a technology-enabled property management platform. She supports real estate investors in setting up the most intelligent process to manage rentals from a distance while connecting them with local, licensed professionals. In 2018, Dana was named one of the top 20 women leaders and influencers in commercial real estate tech.

She is a strong advocate of purchasing properties anywhere, as the best investments are not typically in your backyard. Dana previously worked at Apple on their worldwide financial planning and analysis team and at Nest, the home technology company acquired by Google for $3.2B, in business development. She received her MBA from Harvard Business School. 

In today’s chat, listen to Dana’s inspirational journey from working at a restaurant to the CEO of Hemlane and a successful real estate investor. Dana is a hard worker who always believes in smart work.

3 Key Points from the episode:

  1. Work smart and hard to get your dreams to come true.
  2. Learn from failure and make sure you never repeat it again.
  3. Read and learn more to get the experience and knowledge.

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