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CSC 88 Andrew Thomas Greer: A Chance Encounter with the Bartender Revealed a New Discovery and Made Andrew a Fortune

November 16, 2020
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Andrew Thomas Greer


A Chance Encounter with the Bar Tender Revealed a New Discovery and Made Andrew a Fortune


CEO- Thomas Strafford Investments

While completing his degree in Economics at San Diego State University, Andrew began his career in Finance focusing on private equity in 2009-2011. in early 2011 Andrew directed his focus to becoming the asset manager vs salesman. Starting in 2011 Andrew and Keith joined forces buying assets that were below the highest and best and re-positioning them for disposition. With a desire to grow into larger assets Andrew began putting his energy towards zoning and city planning to create the best opportunities for the company and its investors to build value. The partners in Thomas Strafford have since completed several entitlement sub divisions, including one of the first small lot subdivisions, and built homes and multi units in San Diego County.


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