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CSC 92 Jered Sturm: It’s a Shame for You Not to Make it as a Real Estate Syndicator: Jered went from Maintenance Tech to $30 M in Assets

November 25, 2020
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Jered Sturm

It’s a Shame for You Not to Make it as a Real Estate Syndicator

When Jered can go from maintenance technician to $30M in syndicated assets

Jered Sturm is the co-founder of SNS Capital Group LLC. Starting in the industry 15 years ago as a maintenance technician for residential rental properties, Jered built on that experience to start a construction company that over a decade ago led him to begin purchasing investment property. Since his humble beginnings in the industry, Jered has quickly scaled his investments and now focuses on purchasing large apartment communities in the Cincinnati, Ohio market. While Jered's company has grown to own and manage over $30M in assets, they still focus on the core competency of buying, renovating, and maintaining investment rental property. Jered has been a featured guest on the BiggerPockets Podcast twice and has been contributing to the BiggerPockets blog since 2015. He looks forward to continuing to help others gain financial independence by sharing his experiences.

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